another drupal camp

I'm totally exhausted. Today was the 9th NYC Drupal Camp.

My presentations went really well, one was even hijacked by people in the audience (which is the best possible outcome for an unconference presentation).

Here are some bullet points from my Welcome presentation outlining what an unconference is all about

  • An unconference is a participant centric conference, the structure is more concerned with the value to the participants than the value for the sponsors or organizers (in a similar way that the GPL Free Software license is more concerned with the rights of the software user than the software owner)
  • At a normal conference, the hallway conversations tend to be the best parts. At an unconference, it's all hallway!
  • unconfernece tires to replicate the community centric nature of Free Software projects in the way we organize an event. Everyone is a participant.
  • Whoever shows up are the right people to have here
  • Whatever happens is what is supposed to happen
  • If you find yourself in a place where you are neither learning or contributing, be respectful but use your feet to find another room where you can learn and contribute
  • Your participation is not only welcome, it's necessary