Welcome to my site. Here you will find some info about me, the things I do and a listing of upcoming (and past) presentations and lectures. While I initially expected most of my posts to be about Open Source/Free Software (hence the name), these days it's mostly rants and ramblings about running.

a wonderful drupal honor

At today's 10th NYC DrupalCamp, Ben Melancon gave me a copy of his new book, The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7. That would have been honor enough, but when I got home and saw how he signed it, I felt so honored I'm without words

photos, Dec 10

some waste from today's 10th NYC Drupal Camp event

photo, Dec 9

I was stuck in traffic behind this car for a while, I'm not sure if it is intentional art or just damage to the paint, but it sure looks like a cartoon drawing of a cat to me.

photos, Dec 8

Ice falling from a midtown building

photo, Dec 7